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Garden of the Gods

Tucked in just outside Colorado Springs, is the world famous National Landmark of the Garden of the Gods. Aptly named, it is comprised of ancient towering rock formations that will make even the most avid outdoor enthusiast's jaw drop.

Myron and Ning had an amazing story they wanted captured for all time in a place that would do their love justice. They met while Myron was traveling and quickly fell in love. Shortly after, they were forced apart because of COVID but as they say- "absence makes the heart grow fonder!"

We met them in the idillic town Manitou Springs where Myron had spent his formative years and got to film them both happily exploring the space as Myron got to show Ning all the memories of his youth as they embark on their new life together.

They had set up an intimate ceremony in the beautiful "Cliff House At Pikes Peak" hotel. After exchanging vows, we sat down with them and got to hear in detail their love story. We love having couples sit down and give us a little piece of what makes their relationship special. It just adds that little extra personal touch we like to add here at Gold Heart Weddings.

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